Kashayam / Kashay

Kashayam is, in simple words, a strong infusion of herbs, although correctly it is called decoction. Kashaya is an extracted and specially prepared herb. In appearance and method of brewing, they are similar to granular tea. Granules allow you to preserve the properties of herbs for a long time at their high concentration. A wide range of Ayurvedic Medicines is in the form of water-soluble herbs called decoction. They are prepared by boiling herbs and medicinal plants in water to form a thick runny solution. Water and herbs are main ingredients of these preparations. However, herbs can be different according to the propose of use and therapeutic indications. These formulations contain water extract of prescribed herbs and highly beneficial for providing quick relief in the most of diseases. Kashaya like Ghan, is the most effective form of treatment. It uses only extracts of herbs, while powders contain crushed stems, leaves, fruits or rhizomes of plants, depending on the formula of the drug.