Ashoka false – Polyalthia longifolia

Polyalthia longifolia is an evergreen tree. The stem bark and leaves are commonly used in ayurvedic medicine. 

Polyalthia longifolia is often referred to as False Ashoka, because it is very commonly used as a substitute for Ashoka (Saraca asoca). This is because both these trees have similar qualities and appearance. 



– Stem bark  is  used to treat  pyrexia, rheumatism,  menorrhagia,  scorpion  sting  and  diabetes.  

– The decoction  is  widely  used  for  curing  mouth  ulcer. 

– This plant is used as an antipyretic agent. 

– Pharmacologic studies on the bark and leaves of this plant display effective antimicrobial activity,cytotoxic function, and hypotensive effects. 

– Because of its mild laxative effect, it is usful in constipation. 

– The bark is used for fever, skin diseases, hypertension and helminthiasis, and as febrifuge. 


Cautions: There are no known side-effects with this herb. Seek medical guidance for use during pregnancy and lactation.