Bhasma / Pishti / Rasa

Is powdered ashes. A rare category of drugs, the preparation of which uses precious metals and even repeatedly purified mercury. This form is prepared by burning herbs and roots in closed clay vessels without oxygen. The heating process is repeated several times. The process of preparing these forms is pure alchemy, and the technology of preparation is kept secret by the manufacturers. In classic Ayurvedic texts it is indicated that this is one of the most effective ways to influence the affected body. This is a Rasayan class drug. They can be both in tablet form and in powder. These are rasa-preparations (rasayana), which contain various minerals or ashes (bhasmas) of minerals. Due to their very high concentration, they have a very small dosage. From 1 gram and below. Mostly prescribed from 15 mg. up to 125 mg. per day.