Avaleha / Lehyam

Is complex jam of many ingredients. Is one of the forms of Ayurvedic medicine which is semi-solid in consistency. After strained decoctions (Kwath) are boiled down, sugar or jaggery is added to it. These are herbal jams and are highly popular due to convenience in consumption. The most popular being Chyawanprash. Avaleha is also termed as Modaka, Guda, Khanda, Rasayana, Leha, Lehyam etc. ‘Leha’ has been derived from ‘Lih’ means to lick. The formulation which can be licked by tongue is called Avaleha. The medicine in avaleha form gets easily assimilated in the body tissue as digesion of a Lehyam starts right from the tongue.

In all types of Avaleha preparations there generally have following ingredients:

– Herbs or drugs with the addition of:

– Kashaya (decoctions) or other liquids like Swarasa (drug juice);

– Gur/ Guda/ Sharkara (Jaggery, sugar or sugar candy);

– Churna (Powders or pulps of certain drugs);

– Ghrita (Ghee) or Tailam (oil);

– Madhu (honey).