Ashok – Saraca Asoca

Saraca asoca is small rain-forest evergreen tree. The bark, seeds and flowers are commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and cosmetology. 

Ashoka  has orange colored flowers with a beautiful fragrance. Fruits are smooth, leathery and flat pods including 6-8 seeds inside. Bark is externally dark green to greenish grey in color. 

It is primarily used for the management of female reproductive problems. Ashoka is also a general herb for management of painful conditions in the body.  

The bark of the ashoka plant is used to prepare cosmetics that help to improve skin complexion. 


– Is very useful for the body to bring down excessive heat in the organs due to fatigue or hormonal imbalance. This herb helps to regulate blood composition and stabilize blood circulation making it optimally available to all the body parts. 

– Its pain relieving action can help in painful dysmenorrhea, swelling and pain at any site of the body. In females, it is very commonly used to regularize hormones and menstrual cycles. It improves the strength and stamina in young females having menstrual irregularities such as dysmenorrhea and leucorrhea. 

– Combination of Aloe Vera and Ashoka is given to females to improve their reproductive health and blood condition. Anemia which is a very common health problem in females is also recovered with the right combination of herbs along with Ashok derivatives. 

– It also helps to cleanse the system. So that any kind of microbial infestation that may be causing leucorrhea and other associated infections in female reproductive organs can be checked. 

– Ashoka, like Arjuna, is also a cardiac tonic that can act as a supportive therapy for people suffering from hypertension, circulatory problems, edema & congestive heart failure etc. 

– The bark has natural detoxification properties that improve skin complexion and keep the body free from toxins inside out. 

– The natural cleansing properties can help the body to stay toxin free. 

– For general pitta aggravated states also, Ashoka bark acts as a coolant and helps to relieve thirst, excessive burning sensation, anger, emaciation, sweating etc. These are all common signs of pitta aggravation which can be relieved with the use of Ashok bark in different ways. 

– It also has some digestive properties. Common problems of digestion like bloating, flatulence, burping, colicky pain in abdomen & ascites etc. (It is not exactly a direct indication of the herb but it does help because all diseases have root from a malfunctioning gut and digestive system overtime). 


Cautions: Although the health benefits of Ashoka tree are numerous, pregnant women should abstain from consuming products from this tree as it might lead to complications.  

As a side-effect can be “worsening amenorrhea”. These side-effects are possible, but do not always occur. 

People who are sensitive to certain types of food should consult a doctor before consuming products of this tree.