Arishta and Asava – ‘Ayurvedic wines’

A very important therapeutics form of Ayurveda. Arishtas (also named Rishtas) and Asavas are self-generated herbal fermentations of traditional Ayurvedic system. Like Ghan, these are the most effective forms of preparatons. They are alcoholic medicaments prepared by allowing the herbal juices or their decoctions to undergo fermentation with the addition of sugars (molasses or honey). They contain naturally generated alcohol. This alcohol acts as the medium for active ingredients of the herbs to dissolve in it. A small amount of alcohol allows the active components to instantly enter the bloodstream.

Though Arishta and Asava contain alcohol, they are quite safe to prescribe and to consume.

Arishtas are made with decoctions of herbs in boiling water while Asavas are prepared by directly using fresh herbal juices.

These medicinal wines have several advantages, like better keeping quality, enhanced therapeutic properties, improvement in the efficiency of extraction of drug molecules from the herb and improvement in drug delivery into the human body parts.

Arishtas and Asavas like Ghan, are the most effective forms of treatment. They use only extracts (pure juice) of herbs, while powders contain crushed stems, leaves, fruits or rhizomes of plants, depending on the formula of the drug.

Ghan is the most effective form of medicine in terms of activity and effects on the body. This is a dehydrated broth. It is very difficult to make even in our time. Only very large Ayurvedic companies can authorize the production of such forms of medicine.