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General Terms of Delivery

  • All orders are shipped directly from India, Mumbai;
  • Terms of preparation of the order for departure range from 4 to 10 working days (depending on the size and composition of the order);
  • Delivery of orders is made in any countries and regions;
  • All products (with the exception of solid safe packages) are subject to additional packaging to protect against leakage and mechanical damage;
  • The cost of delivery of goods depends on the total gross weight of the order. To calculate the gross weight of the parcel, data on the weight of individual items in your basket are used;
  • Tariffs for parcel delivery depend on the region of delivery;
  • All parcels have a track number to track via the online mail system of India or the corresponding operator of the country of receipt of the parcel;
  • The customer has the full opportunity to independently monitor the movement of the parcel, as well as subscribe to a mail notification about changes in the status of the parcel (if such an opportunity is offered by the postal operator of the receiving country).


Delivery method **For any settlements of the world

  • Airmail India Post
  • Parcels arrive at the post office and then are distributed according to the specified postal code;
  • The customer can track the movement of the parcel online using a unique identification mailing number;
  • Tracking the package is possible after its acceptance at the local post office of the sender or after registration at the warehouse of the Department of Foreign Post Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra (1-3 days after departure);
  • The average processing time for international mail within India is 7-10 days. The speed of movement of parcels within the country of receipt depends on the workload of postal and customs services at a particular point in time;
  • The maximum recommended weight of one shipment is 12kg.
  • Attention! Delivery times and tracking capabilities are indicative. Depending on the season and the workload of the postal and customs services, the time of processing and delivery of parcels may differ from the stated ones.


Shipping geography

  • Delivery of orders is carried out anywhere in the world.


Order shipment

  • The order is considered to be fully completed and is transferred for execution only after confirmation of 100% payment for the goods and its delivery. Payment confirmation time is considered to be the time of transfer of funds to the company’s settlement account.
  • The deadlines for preparing an order for shipment by postal mail in India range from 3 to 10 business days (depending on the size and composition of the order).
  • As soon as the order is collected, packaged and fully ready for departure, it is handed over to the courier for further processing in the appropriate post office in India.
  • After the order has been shipped, the following information is sent to the email address specified by the client (within the next 24 hours after order is shipped):
    • tracking number
    • photo of the parcel with the recipient’s data


Package tracking

  • Tracking of all packages of India Post can be made on the official website of the postal operator. To find out where your package is located, enter the track number of the item in the corresponding query window. The track number of shipments from India has 4 alphabetic characters and 9 numbers. It is entered without spaces and brackets. The track number of the package is provided to the client at the specified email addresswithin 24 hours after order is shipped.
  • After the parcel arrives at the customs warehouse of postal items in Mumbai, Maharashtra, it is possible to duplicate the parcel tracking via the tracking system on the official website of the respective postal operator of the recipient country.


An example of track numbers of Airmail India Post items:

for parcels up to 1,5 kg – RM735054935IN

for parcels over 1,5 kg – CM958745637IN

Mailing restrictions

  • All parcels sent from India are classified as international mail and are subject to preliminary customs checks.
  • Parcels are declared by the seller as the purchase of goods in the online store for personal consumption. Each parcel is accompanied by a bill with a full list of goods. The prices in the invoice correspond to the MRP price (the maximum retail price in the country of origin), which is the real market value of the goods in India and is listed on most of the packages of goods and can be easily checked by customs officers if necessary.
  • For more information about the customs rules for the importation of goods, see the section “Customs Rules“.
  • To receive your order without communication with the customs authorities, we recommend that you follow the list of simple rules:
    • carefully study the conditions of duty-free receipt of parcels, the actual customs rules of the recipient country, as well as lists of goods prohibited for importation into the country of receipt. We strongly recommend placing an order subject to these limitations;
    • for some countries, the number of the same type of goods should be no more than 10 pieces per package;
    • in your order all goods must be allowed to be shipped and imported into the country of receipt;
    • if your order exceeds the weight limit or the allowable cost of duty-free entry, issue it as several separate orders with different addresses of recipients, leaving appropriate comments for our operator;
    • postal services allow sending parcels up to 30kg. However, we recommend limiting the size of one parcel to 12kg. If your order exceeds 12kg, you can ask to send an order in several packages to different recipients.


Attention!We do not deal with customs clearance of parcels and do not advise on the certification of goods in the recipient country. Compliance with customs regulations and rules for the importation of any product is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Any material and temporary losses incurred as a result of the work of the customs services cannot serve as a basis for claims to the seller.

Please review the “Claims and Returns Parcel” section.

Placing An Order: Recommendations to simplify the procedure of customs control of the parcel.


Dear customers! All orders are shipped directly from India, and parcels of any destination fall under the category of international shipments and are subject to customs control and clearance. The customs service checks the parcels for compliance with the customs legislation of the country of receipt and the criteria for non-taxable parcel fees (depends on size/value of the parcel).


Our online store provides services for the formation and delivery of orders. We do not deal with customs clearance and certification of products in accordance with the requirements of the country of receipt. All parcels are declared as purchases of goods in the online store for personal use. The cost of goods is indicated in accordance with the MRP (maximum retail price of goods in India), which can be easily checked by customs officers if necessary. The estimated value of the parcel corresponds to the total cost of all ordered goods and the cost of delivery.


Please carefully examine the list of goods prohibited from being imported into the respective country of receipt and the conditions for the importation of goods without customs duties. Our online store is not responsible for any actions or omissions of third parties and does not accept claims related to the work of customs services.


In the case that an order is returned due to customs problems, the parcel may be re-sent only after paying the shipping cost of returning the goods to the sender and the cost of re-delivery.


To ensure that the purchased goods arrive safely and at no additional expense, we recommend that you follow these simple rules:

  • All goods in a purchase order must be allowed to be shipped and imported into the country of receipt. Carefully study the customs regulations of the country of receipt and observe customs limits and recommendations when placing an order;
  • All goods in a purchase order must be intended for personal consumption. This means that the number of identical goods in one parcel should not exceed reasonable and explainable norms;
  • If the order exceeds the customs limits or the quantity of identical goods provokes suspicion as to the purpose of the parcel, the order may be sent by several parcels to different recipients. To do this, you must immediately indicate several addresses and recipients in the comments section during the order placement process or send us additional address information to the email address A feedback form is also available for your comments to orders.


Important!When choosing a delivery method, keep in mind that EMS Speed Post departures are not only faster and more reliable, but also attract much less attention from customs officers. This service is more expensive than the regular delivery method. If you have reason to doubt the smooth passage of customs in the receiving country, we recommend that you use the services of EMS Speed Post.